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Entertainment CommitteeVFC hosts numerous social events throughout the year. Some Annual favourites include: Annual Spring Dance (Vuosijuhla), Bi-lingual Kalevala Event. Mother’s Day Celebration (Äitienpäiväjuhla), Wild Game Dinner and Dance (Hirvipeijaiset), as well as Finnphoria Club nights.  To volunteer at these events or for more information email or telephone.

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  • Finnish your dinner

    25 Aug 2017

    A fun, casual dinner at the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby, BC to celebrate Finland 100.

    This will be a potluck dinner — so bring a dish to share! We will dine out on the deck, under the stars (weather permitting), so bring a sweater or a blanket if it’s a little chilly.

    Organized by Vancouver Finlandia Club.

    Sign up here or you can email vfclubmembers@gmail.com for more info or to register.

  • VFC

    Finland 100 Worldwide project website has been published!
    We have published the new website: http://suomi-seura.fi/suomi100maailmalla
    The website includes the Calendar of Events, the Idea Bank, the Material Bank and the Performer Bank.
    The website will be developed constantly. The theme of the Finland 100 jubilee year is Together.
    Expatriate Finns – Let’s build this new website together!

    Dear expatriate Finnish organisation, announce your Finland 100 jubilee year events in the Event Calendar!
    If you have an idea for celebrating the jubilee which you want to share with other expatriate Finnish organisations, tell about it in the Idea Bank and support other expatriate Finns in their preparations for the centenary.
    The Performer Bank provides singers, musicians, bands, choirs, dancers, theatre groups, lecturers, speakers and others a forum to offer their expertise to expatriate Finnish organisations. Organisers of events can contact performers directly in the Performer Bank.

    The Material Bank includes useful website links to help you find information on Finland for expatriate Finns. If you know good websites, please share them with us.

    Welcome to our new website, we hope you enjoy them!
    Share the link with others and add it to your homepage!
    We are active also in Facebook: You will find our open group under Suomi 100 Maailmalla. Remember to join the group!

    Suomi 100 Maailmalla – Finland 100 Worldwide is the joint project of the Finland Society/Suomi-Seura ry, Ministry to Finns Abroad (National Church Council, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland), and the Institute of Migration. It is also supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Finnish Seamen´s Mission. Finland 100 Worldwide has been accepted to be included in the official Finland 100 programme. For more information, please contact to:
    Liisa Oinonen, Suomi-Seura ry, liisa.oinonen@suomi-seura.fi

  • VFC

    Joulupukki is the Finnish Santa Claus

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    The Vancouver Finlandia Club and VFC Sports are teaming up again this Christmas for
    Operation Joulupukki. There are residents at the Finnish Manor without family or
    friends nearby, who will be alone for Christmas and aren’t expected to receive any
    The VFC will do the shopping shopping, and residents who would otherwise have very
    empty stockings at Christmas will receive a few new things to help brighten the
    holidays and warm their hearts.
    As a fundraiser for this endeavor we are raffling off a gift basket, similar to the
    one at the Scandinavian Craft Fair. If you missed the craft fair or want another
    chance at winning please buy a ticket here. Your generous donations, combined with
    donations from VFC Sports and the VFC board, go 100% towards the purchase of gifts,
    and will make it possible to carry out this project again this year.
    Thank you for your support!
    Gift Basket raffle prize – generaously donated by Nesters SFU
    To buy tickets go to
    for tickets or more info.
    Ticket options
    3 tickets $5.00 CAD 7 tickets $10.00 CAD 12 tickets $15.00 CAD 20 tickets $20.00 CAD
    Name on tickets
    Email address
    If you have any questions about Operation Joulupukki or any other VFC Sports
    activites please contact Karina Ramsay – finlandiasports@hotmail.com

  • VFC

    Press release, August 30, 2012

    The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has appointed Mr. Tom Nyberg as Honorary Consul of Finland in Vancouver (Jurisdiction in the Province of British Columbia). The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada has recognized the appointment on 23 July 2012.

    Tom Nyberg received the degree of Master of Science (Engineering) from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) in 1997. As of 1998, he has been employed by the mobile technology company Nokia, most recently as the Director and Site Leader in Burnaby, BC. In this role, Mr. Nyberg has been overseeing the Research and Development Unit and currently is leading the Bridge Program for Nokia Canada, through which Nokia significantly supports re-employment, training and entrepreneurship for employees impacted by changes in Nokia´s global operations.
    He has also been playing an active role in industry associations as board member of DigiBC and founding Director of Wavefront, a not-for-profit National Centre of Excellence accelerating the growth and success of wireless companies in Canada
    Mr. Nyberg is known as a strong people leader, who is respected both within and outside of Nokia.

    Alongside his career, Mr. Nyberg has among other things been actively engaged in the National and International Boards of Youth for Understanding as well as National Advisory Council for Duke of Edinburg´s Award in Finland.
    Mr. Nyberg and his wife Selja have three children and enjoy their time together at various children’s activities and sports.

    The Embassy of Finland in Ottawa warmly congratulates Mr. Nyberg for his appointment as Honorary Consul of Finland in Vancouver.

    Contact information for the Consulate of Finland in Vancouver:
    1188 West Georgia Street, Suite 1480
    Vancouver, BC, V6E 4A2
    Tel: +1 604 688 4483
    Email: finconvcr@telus.net

    Contact details for the Embassy of Finland and the Finnish consulates in Canada can be found on the website of the Embassy at http://www.finland.ca

  • VFC

    March 10 (Sat) Skiing Daytrip to Callaghan Valley
    $69 adults – $64 seniors/children. Includes transportation, trail pass, HST and Sigge’s host) Phone
    604-731-8818 to book (limited space) Pick up at Sigge’s 7.20 am, or 8.20 am at St Davids
    United Church, 1525 Taylor Way, West Van, just above the Upper Levels Highway. Organozed by
    Vancouver Finlandia Sports Club and Sigge’s Sports Villa.

  • VFC

    March 16 (Fri) Scandinavian Club Night St Urho’s Day Party
    Doors open at 6.30 It is a battle of the Saints. Will you support St. Urho or St. Patrick? Wear
    Purple or Wear Green, but join us for lots of fun. Finnish and Irish music, Salute to St. Urho, Free
    dance lessons: prepare for a visit to Finland by learning the basics of the Finnish tango and the
    Finnish waltz. Dance lessons begin after dinner. Food $10.00 served from 7 pm: Roast beef au jus
    sandwich and salad. Organized by Purpurit Folkdancers.

  • VFC

    The Legend of St. Urho’s Day
    On a cold spring day in 1956, Richard Mattson was working
    at Ketola’s Department Store in Virginia, Minnesota when a coworker
    needled him over the fact that the Finns did not have a saint
    like St. Patrick who cast out the snakes of Ireland. Richard being a
    quick-thinking Finnish poika did not want to be outdone by the
    Irish and so on the spot, he invented St.Urho, saviour of the Finnish grape crops.
    The legend evolved over a few years but in the end everyone in Minnesota and
    Wisconsin agreed that St. Urho did in fact drive out the grasshoppers by chanting:
    Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka, mene täältä hiiteen!
    St. Urho’s Day is now celebrated on March 16th by many communities in the
    USA, Canada, and Finland. Of course you have noticed that the date is one day
    before St. Patrick’s Day. The Finns just wanted to beat the Irish to a
    great party. At the Scandinavian Centre’s March Club Night on Friday,
    March 16th, you can show your support for St. Urho by wearing
    a combination of Royal Purple (for the grapes) and Nile Green (for the
    grasshoppers). Or if you want to be Irish, go all green!
    — Raija Orava

  • Don

    “Saunas pop up everywhere in “Steam of Life”

    The skype interview with Mika Hotakainen followng the movie was a memorable experience as was the movie itself. Mika provided technical detail on how the camera could shoot the movie. He fielded all questions from the audience in an enlightening and humourous manner. And no, he does not plan to take his naked crew into a woman’s sauna for a sequel. A truly enjoyable evening.

  • VFC

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