Korsukuoro Dugout Choir

Korsukuoro Army Dugout Choir Born in 1998, the award winning West Coast ‘Korsu’ Choir is a unique concert group who honour and draw inspiration from Finland’s Veterans by performing ‘war time’ favourites. The choir has successfully toured Finland, performed at Finnish-Canadian Grand Fest, FinnFest USA and many local events.

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  • Maritta Hirvonen

    Greetings from Nokia, Finland

    I am kindly asking your help for reaching a member of Korsu choir. I am writing a book of Valkama family in Nokia and would like to get a contact with ERKKI VALKAMA. His father Antti was my grandmother Milja´s brother, one of the 11 children of the family. I may have met Erkki in 1960ies, when the family visited our summer cottage in Kangasala, but had no contact since that. I got this information of the choir from Erkki´s cousin Raimo Valkama, who is living in Nokia and is a choir man himself. He had unfortunately lost Erkki´s e-mail address.

    I would be really thankful for any information.

    With best regards

    Maritta Hirvonen
    Nokia, Finland
    +358 45 8911939

  • VFC

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