Finn Fun School

Finn Fun School Finn-Fun School provides a Finnish speaking environment for those interested in learning or maintaining their Finnish language skills. Finn-Fun School offers lessons in conversational Finnish to both adults and children, from beginners to advanced speakers. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how much Finnish you know, you are always welcome to join.

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  • Kristina

    I am a Canadian very keen to learn Finnish. The Finn fun school has cancelled their classes this fall but I was wondering if anyone in your club is available or willing to teach. Or if there is other classes available?
    I have also taught English for many years overseas and am capable of doing a language trade if someone is interested.


    • Saana

      I’m a Finn (born and raised in Finland) who just moved to Vancouver. I have some experience in teaching Finnish (to my Canadian husband and I connected with some students studying Finnish when we lived in Ukraine). If you are interested in learning Finnish, I could be interested in helping you out!


  • VFC

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